Patient Centricity

4 Best Practices in TrialKit for Greater Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is a multifaceted term that has no standard definition. As an industry, we’ve agreed on its importance, yet still have difficulties settling on how to define it. Instead, experts have suggested four key factors in patient engagement: willingness to be involved, willingness to take a proactive approach, technology adaptability, and availability of psychosocial […]
eConsent clinical research

eConsent: What it is and Why your EDC Software Should Have it

The healthcare industry is not lacking in buzzwords or new tech terminology as of late. eConsent, short for electronic informed consent in clinical research, is one of the terms that seems to be here to stay. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), eConsent refers to the “use of electronic systems and processes that […]
BYOD clinical trials

Misconceptions about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Technology in Clinical Trials

The past few years have shown a surge in popularity for bring your own device (BYOD) studies in the clinical research industry. This method of data collection allows patients to submit data using their own smartphone or tablet. Traditionally, this has been done on paper case report forms (CRFs) or on a mobile device provisioned […]

5 Ways to Make Clinical Trial Recruitment More Patient-Centric

By: Nancy Ryerson There’s a common conception in the pharmaceutical industry that patients aren’t interested in participating in clinical research. But surveys find that up to 71% of patients are very or somewhat interested in taking part in one. So why is patient recruitment so challenging, not to mention expensive? One issue keeping patients from […]