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Improve Data Collection with These Tips for Electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) Design

Creating case reports forms (CRFs) is an integral part of study development in the clinical research process. Without them, gathering all of the pertinent information necessary for conducting a clinical trial would not be possible. What exactly is a CRF, at its absolute simplest? The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) provides this definition for […]
Validation in Clinical Data Management

What You Need to Know About Validation in Clinical Data Management

In our most recent blog post, we tackled the topic of building a study and discussed why it’s important to make the process as quick and cost-effective as possible. With the right electronic data capture (EDC) platform, designing case report forms (CRFs) and configuring study settings should be easy. Plus, it shouldn’t break the bank. […]
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How to Shorten the Duration of a Clinical Study Build

It’s no secret that the research and development of medical treatments is both costly and cumbersome. The price tag to get a treatment to market is estimated at $2.7 billion; not to mention, the time it takes for a drug to go from a mere concept to being approved and marketable is a lengthy 12 years. […]

How Responsive Forms Benefit Your Research

The greatest advantage of using web-based software, which can be accessed any place at any time, is how easily and rapidly the tools can be altered to meet user needs. Better known as ‘app updates,’ this is for enhancements and fixes alike. Without question, the dynamic and variety of research studies that take place around […]

The Data, The Whole Data, And Nothing But The Data

This is the second in a two part article describing important points to consider when designing case report forms (CRFs) in an electronic data capture (EDC) system for use in a clinical trial.  Click here for Part 1. Capturing time points on a CRF requires some careful thought.  If a series of time points are […]
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Case Report Forms in Clinical Trials: Did you Ask the Right Questions?

UPDATED: This post was updated for 2019 to reflect new information and more examples. Enjoy! This is the first in a series of two articles describing important points to consider when designing case report forms (CRFs) in an electronic data capture (EDC) system. When creating CRFs in a clinical study build, it’s important to ask the […]