Training & Support

Clinical Studio TrainingTraining

Every Clinical Studio license includes full access to comprehensive documentation on every aspect of the system. Live web-based training to study builders and Administrators is also available under supported packages. Taking just a short amount of time to learn this versatile data capture platform will drastically increase study efficiency and reduce the cost of your research.

Self-Help Documentation

Clinical Studio Help serves as a comprehensive reference, rich with step-by-step instruction and help content.

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Certified Developer Program

Clinical Studio’s Certified Developer Program will provide comprehensive training and recognition to individuals who demonstrate a basic competency in designing, deploying, and managing clinical studies on Clinical Studio. This is normally conducted via personally scheduled web sessions.

Clinical Studio Customer Support



Clinical Studio’s Support Forum is monitored 24/7, where our support staff are available to answer questions and resolve issues for Clinical Studio users. This includes any how-to questions related to the common functions of the software. All support is documented, tracked, and escalated to be sure all issues can be resolved as timely as possible. To view and post on the Clinical Studio forum, separate registration is required.

Questions may also be submitted to for around-the-clock assistance.