Clinical Studio is simply software in the cloud. We leave the services to our users. If you are in search of a study build, data management, or other study-related service, please explore the list of Clinical Studio certified service providers below. All service providers listed have been exhaustively trained to use Clinical Studio so your studies run accurately and effectively. Each organization below includes a list of services offered.

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Acumen Healthcare Solutions, LLC has been involved in the electronic data capture business for sixteen years. Acumen has built and helped conduct over 400 clinical trials for medical device and pharmaceutical companies using EDC. Acumen offers a cost effective solution and quick turnaround to get your next study up and running.

Study Building
Trial Validation
Database Creation and Validation
Medical Consultation
Report Writing
Training & Support for studies


FUEL Studios, Inc.

FUEL Studios, Inc. is a team of consultants that will bridge the gap between research groups and software providers. We provide data solutions that fuel new innovations in the medical industry. As a company, we work with all aspects of your database: development, modifications, maintenance and validations. As well as reports and training. We hope to be a vital support to you by understanding the needs of your group!

Study Building
Study Management






Delve Health focuses on providing all-inclusive database build and data management packages for Phase I and Post Market studies.

Study Building
Data Management

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Triangle Biostatistics was founded to provide statistical consulting and statistical programming services to the pharmaceutical industry. Triangle Biostatistics has experience working with large and small contract research organizations and large, mid-size, and small pharmaceutical companies.

Biostatistics and Statistical Programming
Data Management
Study Build and Management Consulting

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Versagenics Logo PMS540 (1)

Versagenics, since 2003, has been using its exceptional knowledge of healthcare and clinical research to accelerate our clients’ projects. We are a physician-led clinical research organization with extensive experience in database design and development as well as data management and data integration services for the medical device, diagnostic assay, and pharmaceutical industries. Our expert staff are trained to address the varied twists and turns that invariably do occur with every project to provide you with an adaptive and interactive experience. We are adept at designing services to integrate your team requirements and provide a seamless solution for your organization.

Data Management
Medical Writing



Study Building:

If you will be conducting and managing your own trials, but are unable to dedicate resources to learning to build in Clinical Studio, the contacts below are specialized at building powerful and efficient studies in Clinical Studio at an unmatchable rate. Please contact directly to inquire about pricing for your next study build.


John Haigh
Database Engineer
(310) 384-5950
Todd Colbeth
Contract Clinical Database Developer
(612) 251-6789
Todd Grantham
Data Management Consultant, BRIGHT Research Partners
730 Second Avenue South, Suite 500 Minneapolis, MN 55402
(612) 470-4265