On Demand Software Platform

What do we mean when we say “On Demand Software Platform”? This goes way beyond being a web-based, browser independent, Internet software system. With Clinical Studio, on demand means when you want something, it’s immediately available and there are no purchase commitments or contracts beyond what is needed.

Free Registration – No Payment Information Required

The process starts with registration. Here, you complete a very simple form. Once that form is completed, an email is sent to you and you become the host of your own clinical research study website. What does that mean? That means you can create sites, users, studies and much more. You can even upload your own branding that your users will see each time they access one of your studies. The registration process is absolutely free, has no trial period and gives you access to the full power of Clinical Studio. Payment information is not required until you decide to upgrade from a free account.

Free Educational Tools

Making sure you are able to build and manage studies in Clinical Studio is important to us. That is why our training staff will provide free training. In addition, you have access to comprehensive help documentation. Clinical Studio is easy to learn, but as you know, developing compliant clinical research studies can be a complex process. Historically, that process has required advanced IT personnel, but now it can be accomplished by anyone. Clinical Studio replaces those IT personnel with a simple to use and simple to learn eClinical system. All the educational tools are at your fingertips so that you can harness the full power of Clinical Studio.

Clinical Studio Premium Versions

The free version of Clinical Studio includes all functionality and is limited to a 30 day trial period. The number of users, studies, sites, and subjects are unlimited. You will have access to all the study building, site and user management tools. Studies can be built and tested without paying a dime. When you deploy your study, you can upgrade to a paid monthly plan based on the number of users you need. An easy online ordering page allows you to upgrade to one of our premium versions. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at any time. This is true on demand software. Premium version prices are published here. There are no hidden costs, and there will never be an overage. You electronically pay a simple monthly fee and can create as many studies as you wish within the confines of your subscription plan.

Can be Used for any Study or Survey

Clinical Studio is perfect for all types of research studies, including: pre-clinical, phase I-IV, academia, IIT, simple to complex surveys, marketing studies, post-market surveillance, clinical registries and more!