Mobile App Features

StudyComplt2Using Mobile Devices to Improve Clinical Trials

  • Subject Manager    Access subject CRFs – Add, update, and view subject records
  • Dashboard Reports   Take a detailed look at the study status
  • My Queries Report    Manage all queries deployed to your role
  • Action Item Report    View remaining tasks needing completion
  • Database Merge Reports    Merge data from records with documents

Allow users to change personal system settings with ease.

Access account, usage, and plan information easily.

Complete subject forms with ease and utilize all the benefits of your mobile device!

  • Responsive slider controls (e.g. pain scales in patient survey forms)
  • Real signatures using your finger or stylus
  • Voice dictation in text fields – no need to type on mobile keyboards
  • Voice recordings/audio memos
  • Still images or video recordings
  • Barcode scanning
  • Send notifications to study participants instantly
  • Send notifications to study participants based on a study event
  • Send notifications to subjects to complete ePRO forms
  • Map location of data capture
  • Eliminate paper from your preclinical lab