Web Services

Clinical Studio hosts a complete suite of RESTful Web Services. These services allow restricted access to the back end database from other platforms. Those platforms include, but are not limited to:

  • iOS (iPad, iPhone) apps
  • Android apps
  • Other Web Platforms (Apache, JSP, etc)
  • OS Platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

The purpose of Web Services is to grant restricted, but open access to the data that you have access rights for. Web Services allow programmers access to the system to customize or extend it in any way they see fit. Web Services are 100% secure. They use the same security, encryption and authentication as the Clinical Studio website uses when you access it. You must first provide an email and password. Based on that, your access rights are limited by your account, just like Clinical Studio.

You can use Web Services for anything, including:

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Enhanced Device User Interfaces (iPad, iPhone, Android)
  • Systems Automation
  • Real Time Data Access by Disparate Systems