Centralized Site and User Management

Clinical Studio allows you to create as many studies as you desire within the confines of the subscription you currently have. However, those studies are not worth much if you cannot easily deploy sites and users out to the study. Clinical Studio incorporates centralized site and user management. You add your sites and users from the Host level. Then, when you create a study, you deploy the existing sites and users. Because all studies are created from a study template, you can teach Clinical Studio to deploy the sites and users during the 30 second study creation process.

Additionally, Clinical Studio allows you to track any information you desire about your sites, users, and studies. You can use the Form Builder to create forms that track this information. Those forms are made available when adding sites and users to your Host. That means you can track site and user metrics, use this information when recruiting sites and users to subsequent studies. The possibilities are limitless, because the amount of information you can track on your sites, users and studies is limitless.


adding users to sites in a clinical trial
Add Users to Sites in your Study

Some users may already be participating in other studies hosted on the Clinical Studio system. When you register a user that already exists, the system understands this. It simply gives the existing user access to your Host and studies. All users have a single sign in to Clinical Studio regardless of how many Hosts and studies in which they belong.