Drag-and-Drop eCRF Builder

Clinical Studio’s Form Builder was designed with the specific goal of being easy to use.  The Form Builder enables you to drag and drop fields and other design tools onto a form in whatever format you choose.  You can have multiple columns and multiple rows in any layout.

creating CRFs for clinical trials
Clinical Studio’s Form Builder

Form Creation

To create a form in Clinical Studio, simply click the Create New Form link. You can then define the form’s properties such as the form name, form type, and save button text. Simply drag out the desired fields types and define how you want the form to behave and what type of data the form will capture.

Design Tools and Form Fields

Design tools and form fields are dragged and dropped into the Form Builder grid. They can be placed in any order – single column or multiple columns. As each tool and field is added to the Form Builder grid, the various properties for each design tool or form field are displayed in the left column below the design tools and form fields.

When a form field is dropped onto the Form Builder grid, field attributes can be assigned. These attributes vary according to the field type. All field names are assigned by the form designer. This allows the user the flexibility to use standard naming conventions required by a protocol or industry standards.

tools for creating CRFs in clinical trials
Form Builder Tools


Multi-Tabbed Forms

The Form Builder also allows the user to create forms that span several pages. Each page can be accessed by clicking the corresponding tab at the top of the form. Like everything else in Clinical Studio, it is easy to create multi-tabbed forms.

clinical trial CRFs with multiple pages
Clinical Studio Form with Multiple, Tabbed Pages








All forms created using the Form Builder are reusable. The Form Library categorizes form types and allows users to export your forms. Then, forms can be imported into any other subsequent study. There is even a public Form Library that allows users to import and export forms that can be shared with other Clinical Studio users.

Other Form Tools

There are many other tools that can be used to create compliant Case Report Forms. They include tools to:

  • Create Conditional Actions which can be used to perform edit checks and to add special effects to your form
  • View the Data Dictionary which allows users to export one or all forms to an Excel spreadsheet
  • View Annotated CRFs exported to a PDF file
  • Preview rendered forms and test Conditional Actions
  • Replicate forms. A testing/training study can be created and used to test/train and make changes. Then when you are ready to go live, all forms can be replicated to a production study
  • Create email templates. Based on data entered into a form, an email can be triggered and sent to an email distribution list
  • Automatically validate your Form.  Users can automatically create large test data sets to be run through your Case Report Form(s). A log of all form transactions including edit checks is created. The log is then archived and the form is tagged as validated

There is nothing in this industry or any other that compares to the technology found in Clinical Studio’s Form Builder. The functionality of the Form Builder is extremely important for a data capture system because the forms are what captures the data.

You can be creating sophisticated forms with conditional actions in minutes. Learn more by scheduling a product demonstration below. 

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