Conditional Actions Builder

In Clinical Studio, Conditional Actions allow you to add special functionality to your Case Report Forms. Based on values entered into the form or across any other form you can trigger events. Those events include:

  • Firing an error message and creating an automatic query
  • Hiding forms, fields and visit intervals
  • Disabling fields
  • Sending an email notification
  • Computing fields
  • Populating Values in fields
  • Displaying a popup warning message

Conditional Actions are an integral part of the Form Builder. Simply click the Conditional Action link on the current form or any field within the current form and the Conditional Action builder is displayed.

conditional actions in clinical trial management
Conditional Action Builder

Conditional Actions Defined

Conditional actions allow you to build a logical set of statements (expressions). The statements are then evaluated for having a true or false condition. Based on the overall expression either a single true or false condition will occur.  If that action is true or not true, some action is performed: such as hiding a field, displaying an error message on a field, displaying a popup message window or calculating a value.

Creating Conditional Actions

To create Conditional Actions, select the type of Conditional Action to build and then insert criteria drop downs to select the conditional operands to evaluate the input.

The criteria drop-down allows you to select different actions to evaluate a condition.  They can create a number calculation or date/time calculation, select constants, external values (for example, cross-form validations), and all fields contained within the form to create evaluation criteria.  The Builder also allows users to create Conditional Actions based on a form’s interval, treatment starting date, enrollment date, randomization allocation, and informed consent date.

conditional action criteria in clinical trials
Conditional Action Criteria

The Conditional Action Builder within Clinical Studio allows users to build the simplest to the most complex expressions with a simple set of criteria that can be mastered within a short period of time. No programmers necessary!

notify conditional actions in clinical trials
Notify Conditional Action


Conditional Actions provide an interactive environment that allows your forms to capture the cleanest data in the easiest way. There is no programming or XML involved. Being able to easily add this functionality to your forms means your studies produce the highest quality data.