Company Specific Branding

Crucial Data Solutions is in the business to help our customers build their business.  In order to help businesses build their company and products, we offer companies the ability to brand the Clinical Studio system with multiple themes based on their business and products. Themes change the colors and logos of the site while maintaining the same look and feel. Many companies are searching for their own internal solution. By branding Clinical Studio to be whatever the client desires, this is a perfect candidate for an internal solution without hiring programmers.

Businesses wanting to brand their company or a product simply have to create about a half dozen image files and upload them to the Clinical Studio system. Each theme can appear in the theme drop-down, or be assigned to a user. Each sponsor or study can have its own theme and any user participating in study will see that theme. This branding is particularly important if a CRO wants to brand each sponsor study with that sponsor’s theme.