Ad Hoc Reporting

Ad Hoc reporting allows you to search through the database and create a list or data set that is highly granular or detailed. This is accomplished by joining related forms in the system. You can select any field to display, filter on, or both. You join forms that are related one to one, one to many or many to many. A typical Ad Hoc report would create a data set based on the following:

  • Search all subjects
  • Add only my female subjects
  • Randomized to group 2
  • That had an adverse event within 7 days of treatment
  • That were prescribed the medication Xylex within 2 days of the adverse event
  • Where the adverse event led to a hospitalization
  • And the adverse event has not yet been resolved

You do not need to write complex SQL to search the data at this level. An Ad Hoc report already knows how to join forms that are related one to one and one to many. You have to provide some data to accomplish the many to many relationship. This report would take less than five minutes to create assuming you understand your data. Since you designed all your own CRFs, you will have an intimate understanding of your data.

ad hoc reporting in clinical research