Certified Developer Program

The Clinical Studio Certified Developer (CSCD) program is comprehensive training on using Clinical Studio to build/manage studies. It aims to recognize individuals as experts on Clinical Studio and advertise their study building or data management services to the public. Companies with one or more CSCDs on staff are eligible to be listed on the Clinical Studio Services page.  These companies can then advertise and independently provide study build or study management services to those who are in search of such services. By listing external organizations on the Services page, Clinical Studio simply recognizes that one or more individuals within those organizations have been designated as a CSCD.* For additional information about becoming a CSCD, please contact us: training@clinicalstudio.com.


Initial Certification

To become a certified developer, each candidate must attend training sessions and pass a multiple-choice exam.

The 100-question multiple-choice exam covers three levels of training:

  • Basic User
  • Basic Study Builder
  • Advanced Concepts for Managing Multiple Studies

Exams are self-administered on the Clinical Studio website. Access to exams are provided by the training staff upon completion of the relevant training. In addition to the time spent in webinar training sessions, another two hours should be allowed to take the exam.

The passing score for each exam is 85%.

If an exam is failed, it can be retaken. No test is the same. Questions are randomized and will change with each test version.

There is no limit to the number of times an exam can be retaken.

Upon passing the exam,  a certificate will be mailed to each newly Certified Developer along with details of optionally advertising their services on the Clinical Studio website.

The training curriculum is available on the Clinical Studio Training Guide.


Maintenance of Certification

To ensure knowledge of Clinical Studio’s continued enhancements/changes, the CSCD certification must be renewed every two years between January and March. Re-certification consists of a webinar followed by a multiple-choice exam.  The webinar and accompanying questions will pertain only to applicable updates/enhancements in the version releases from the prior two years.

  • There will be a required webinar to go over released updates and a multiple choice exam to cover the changes. The test characteristics are determined by the changes that occurred in the software.
  • Recertification will occur during several pre-designated time slots between January and March every year. Scheduling specifics for recertification will be emailed to all certified users in October and again in December of every year so session seats can be booked in advance.


Recognition: Company Listing

In order to be advertised as a CSCD on the Clinical Studio website, the certified individual must provide a link to the Clinical Studio website directly from their service organization’s website.  In turn, there will be a link from the Clinical Studio website directly to the certified individual(s) service organization’s website. This is not a requirement. Any individual can obtain certification and choose not to advertise their services on clinicalstudio.com

The email account for each individual CSCD must be from the same domain as the organization they are advertising.

The Services page of the Clinical Studio website will advertise the following for the certified individual’s organization:

  • Logo (up to 600 x 300 pixels)
  • Number of CSCDs in the company
  • Up to 75 word description of the company, and a list of up to five specific services provided.
  • Link to the website


Revocation of Certification

Crucial Data Solutions reserves the right to revoke the CSCD designation from an individual at any time and for any reason.


Removal of Company Listing

Crucial Data Solutions reserves the right to remove a Company listing from the Services page of the website at any time and for any reason.


Updates to the Program

Clinical Studio training follows strict standards which will naturally evolve over time along with the software. Crucial Data Solutions reserves the right to update the initial requirements and recertification requirements at any time and for any reason.


Please contact training@clinicalstudio.com with any questions about your certification.


Visit the Training Guide at any time for an outline of topics that are taught in the training sessions.


*Clinical Studio does not endorse any of its certified developers, nor does it warrant, explicitly or implicitly, that any certified organization will perform satisfactory service. It merely ensures that individuals within those organizations have undergone Clinical Studio’s competitive and rigorous training requirements.