Easily Collaborate on Clinical Trial Data with Colleagues

Collaborate on clinical trial data

electronic data capture collaborate on data

The ability to collaborate and share data in a clinical trial setting is vital to ensure data quality and adequate risk assessments. Collaboration on clinical trial data is a complex, often delicate, dance between researchers, data managers, and study participants. Clinical Studio’s multi-lingual platform makes it easy for all sites, people, and clinical trial data to collaborate – no matter where they are located.

ePRO - Patient Survey

Mobile ePRO system for clinical trials 

The electronic Participant Reported Outcomes (ePRO) application for mobile devices has revolutionized the clinical trial landscape by allowing study participants to report outcomes on their personal mobile device. The system’s ePRO capabilities for both iOS and Android mobile devices allows research professionals to send notifications, reminders, and questionnaires and collaborate on clinical trial data effectively. This greatly increases engagement, while radically decreasing participants lost to follow-up. When a study participant completes a questionnaire, the data is entered into the study database nearly instantaneously. Nothing is stored locally on their mobile device.

API for external systems integration

The clinical research technology landscape is highly diverse and populated. There are a number of software services, systems and tools that support clinical research, each playing a vital role. Research can be delayed if these systems cannot communicate with each other through seamless integration. That’s why Clinical Studio is an open system with a full web API to integrate with external systems. Collaborate on clinical trials with external systems with Clinical Studio. Clinical Studio allows external systems to read/write to the Clinical Studio database via the available web API.

With Clinical Studio you can collaborate with fellow researchers, patients and other systems with:

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