6 Downfalls of Paper-based or Spreadsheet Methods for Clinical Trial Data Collection

Research shows electronic participant reporting yields higher quality data and better participation rates than paper-based diaries and that ePRO elicits significantly greater subject compliance, sometimes as high as 97%1. A number of factors contribute to a research professional’s decision-making process for choosing a clinical trial data collection tool. For researchers who have always conducted their […]

Clinical Research Gone Fully Mobile: Introducing TrialKit™

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems have changed considerably over the past several years. We can still remember the days when EDC systems were limited to the simplest of data collection, incapable of configuration. Today, modern systems are highly configurable and expedite the research process much more than paper studies ever could. But there has always […]

Today’s your lucky day! Your dsNavigator replacement is here.

Feeling down on your luck trying to find a replacement for dsNavigator? Don’t fret, csCoder is here to help with all of your coding needs! Our coding system shortens the learning curve through its intuitive and straightforward user interface, so making the switch from your old coding tool is as painless as can be. Through […]

We’re Ready for the Advancements in Medical Coding, Are You?

It’s been five months since the release of Clinical Studio’s medical coding tool, csCoder, the very first mobile app certified for WHODrug and MedDRA dictionaries.  In just this short period of time, we have experienced an influx of new csCoder users as research teams and medical coding professionals continue to seek out a medical coding […]

Clinical Studio Introduces World’s First Mobile App For Medical Coders

Crucial Life Sciences Data Solutions, Inc. (CLSDS) announced today the release of their latest medical coding tool that can be used on any web browser or the Clinical Studio native iOS app. Titled csCoder, it is the very first mobile app software certified by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre which is the governing body over the WHO […]

A Shifting Paradigm

Electronic Data Capture and Clinical Trial Management are undergoing significant changes. Those changes are being driven by technologies such as Clinical Studio. Companies are shifting from overpriced, bloated and obsolete technologies that require an army of IT professionals, to modern, state of the art and cost effective technologies that require no IT professionals. The two […]

Reasons Why Clinical Studio Is the Ultimate Solution for Academic-Based Research

Academic research is where all clinical research begins, whether you consider investigators who are exploring new theories or students learning how trials are run, who then go on to larger industry organizations – Academic Institutions are the foundation for it all. Clinical Studio is the most sophisticated solution to build research studies, collect data in a […]

Clinical Studio for Pre-Clinical Labs

Clinical Studio is an amazing tool for Pre-Clinical or Animal labs. Many of the features built into Clinical Studio are there for the purpose of conducting animal studies. For example, if you receive a batch of 50 mice, they can be put into the system in just a few seconds. We call that batch enrollment. […]

Why Do Clinical Research Organizations Fund Their Competition?

I am nearly 56 years old. I have spent most of my adult life as a Software Developer and Database Architect in the Clinical Research field. Believe it or not, I was working on Clinical Data Outcomes Analysis in 1985. We used software tools to store, retrieve and report on Clinical Outcomes. To say the […]