Clinical Trial Software Company Focuses on Patientricity with Programmable Wearable Technology

Crucial Life Sciences Data Solutions, Inc. (CLSDS) presented at the Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) 2016 Annual Conference in San Diego. CLSDS garnered second place for the Technology Innovation Award in 2016.

Founder Paul Grady and Director of Product Management Cody Wilke presented the developments with Clinical Studio. The presentation was called “Improved Patientricity Through Mobile and Wearable Devices”.

Technology Innovation Award

Clinical Studio is a cloud-based eClinical software solution. Clinical Studio’s mobile developments won the Technology Innovation Award in 2015. Clinical Studio’s development enables companies to use wearable technology without building a platform from the ground up or writing software.

Programmable wearable technology has helped clinical trials obtain never-before-seen patient participation rates. Clinical trial managers can send a push notification to patients and measure progress. Different wearable type tests include standardized heart rate, timed step, and physical therapy tests.

This new technology lowers the overall cost of clinical trials. Grady explains, “It is time to embrace and adopt new technologies to reduce healthcare costs.” Clinical trial managers can track a patient’s recovery without expensive and time-consuming appointments.

Clinical Studio’s programmable wearable technology is currently available for Apple Watch and iPhone. Clinical Studio is in development for other wearable devices.

About Crucial Life Sciences Data Solutions, Inc.

Crucial Life Sciences Data Solutions, Inc. (CLSDS) provides healthcare software. The Reno-Tahoe-based company was founded in 2010 by Paul Grady, who has been developing software for clinical trials for over 30 years. CLSDS currently offers two products to the scientific, medical, and academic communities. These products are Clinical Studio, a cloud-based eClinical software solution, and UpShot Ortho, an outcome registry building and analytics platform. Crucial Life Sciences Data Solutions, Inc. is a member of The Society for Clinical Data Management.


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