Clinical Studio Announces 1,000th Study on Public Cloud Platform


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Clinical Studio is the World’s Largest Study Platform

Reno, NV – July 14, 2016—Crucial Life Sciences Data Solutions (CLSDS), parent company of Clinical Studio, announced today that the 1,000th study was created on the Clinical Studio Platform. Clinical Studio is the world’s largest study platform. Clinical Studio has realized tremendous growth in the past 18 months. CEO, Paul Grady, attributes the growth to an industry ready for change, “We have seen our concurrent study count rise about 400% in the last 18 months. We expect that rate to actually grow. Clinical Professionals all share a common goal; to make a difference. Clinical Studio utilizes state of the art technology that greatly reduces study cost and study duration.”

Clinical Studio is an open platform that is free to academic and individual researchers, such as investigators. Because it is a technology platform that allows Clinical Professionals to build, deploy and manage their own studies, the cost structure is far different than any other company in the industry. By not offering traditional Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Services, CLSDS incurs just a fraction the cost of their competitors. Those cost savings are passed on to their clients. Grady went on to say, “We never compete with our clients, we are a pure technology platform. Our technology is years ahead of our nearest competitor. We focus exclusively on developing better technology to streamline processes that greatly shorten study duration.”

Traditional eClinical companies (also known as EDC) offer many of the same services as their CRO clients. This anomaly is unique to Clinical Research. CLSDS was founded on the principal that CROs are excellent at conducting studies provided they have the best technology available. Grady went on to say, “The first thing we say to a Clinical Research Organization is that we will not compete with you. Most CROs are very aware that EDC companies offer the same products and services and are their competitors. When we let them know we are pure technology that is a great way to begin the dialog.”

Once a company signs up for the free 60-day trial at, they have access to free instructor based training and expert technical support. In addition, the system can be branded to incorporate the look and feel of the CRO or the individual study sponsor. Grady explained it this way, “We allow our clients to White Label the system. They can incorporate their look and feel or that of their customers.”

Perhaps the biggest difference found in Clinical Studio is that the system is complete with no hidden costs. Grady attributed this to Clinical Professionals who want to focus on their research, “When you sign up to use Clinical Studio it is all inclusive. We do not charge extra for additional modules like Randomization, Auto-Coding, Form Validation, Inventory Control, Reporting, Native Mobile Applications, Query Management, Review Levels or anything else. Our feature set is the richest in the industry. Our clients have never incurred an overage of any kind. They completely control their own studies and focus their energy on their research.”

About Clinical Studio (
A proven product of Crucial Life Sciences Data Solutions, Clinical Studio fully supports all phases of clinical research studies. The platform also represents a new paradigm in access to electronic data capture and management. Its cloud-based, software-as-a-service format enables users to access the system tools and functionality quickly and on a monthly subscription basis. Offering both instructional-only and commercial use of the software, Clinical Studio is dedicated to increasing quality, reducing costs, and increasing EDC usage for sponsors, CROs, academic institutions, independent investigators, and more. The company openly posts its price schedule for direct, web-based purchase of the Clinical Studio software. Moreover, free evaluative and/or small pilot study subscriptions, plus free training opportunities throughout the process, empower data managers to hone their skills continually and directly influence the clinical research strategy and implementation.