Why Do Clinical Research Organizations Fund Their Competition?

I am nearly 56 years old. I have spent most of my adult life as a Software Developer and Database Architect in the Clinical Research field. Believe it or not, I was working on Clinical Data Outcomes Analysis in 1985. We used software tools to store, retrieve and report on Clinical Outcomes. To say the least, I have been around.

One thing that has always perplexed me; why do Clinical Research Organizations continue to fund their competition? Simply put, CROs partner with EDC companies to conduct clinical research studies. Most EDC companies offer the same menu of clinical services that CROs offer. So the CRO utilizes the EDC company for their technology. In most cases their customer, the sponsor, signs a contract with the EDC company that is separate from the CRO. The CRO is paid no commission for making the sale and the EDC company is free to do what they want contractually.

I have worked for many EDC companies and invented many tools that are in use today. Part of the marketing plan for an EDC company is to partner with sponsors. Because these EDC companies provide the same services as a CRO, the sponsor (in the minds of the EDC company) is fair game. The more clinical services that the sponsor utilizes the EDC company for, the larger the revenue stream for the EDC company. These services include but are not limited to: study builds, clinical data management, monitoring, site recruitment, subject recruitment, honoraria, SAS programming, regulatory consulting and more. Does that sound like a tech company or a CRO? So I ask again, why do the CROs continue to fund their competition?

Ok, let’s say for a minute that all EDC companies are 100% honest and do not target sponsors that came from CRO partners. Allowing your clients to contract with your competition, let alone making the introduction and encouraging it, is simply bad business. Can you name another industry where this occurs? In addition, even though the sponsor may not be utilizing the CRO services of the EDC company, they are surely paying for them. That is one of the reasons for the bloated prices from most EDC companies. But providing customers for your competition will almost certainly come back to haunt you.

Clinical Studio is a pure technology company. We do not offer any CRO services. If our clients request these services, we turn to our CRO partners to provide the solution. Because we focus solely on technology and not clinical services, our technology is much better than any company in the industry. I highly recommend you sign up for the 1-hour demonstration of the technology and see why Clinical Studio beat out every one of our competitors for the coveted Technology Innovation Award, presented annually by the Society for Clinical Data Management.

In addition, you can brand every aspect of Clinical Studio to be your internal solution. So rather than pass on the EDC cost (and business), you can manage that and turn it into a robust profit center while at the same time lowering costs for your clients! The reason being; Clinical Studio is a fraction the price of our nearest competitor. Remember we do not have to pay Data Managers, Monitors, Recruiters, Regulatory Experts or SAS programmers. In fact we publish our prices on our website.

Perhaps, however, the best reason for utilizing the advanced technology of Clinical Studio: We are not your competition and never will be!

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