Clinical Studio’s Mobile Data Strategy and Applications Garner Increased Interest by Clinical Research Leaders

Clinical Studio, the flagship software product from Crucial Life Sciences Data Solutions, Inc. (Crucial), an emerging leader and visionary force in clinical data management, has developed mobile apps for both the iOS and Android platforms that can be used to collect data and conduct entire clinical research studies with mobile phones and tablets. Clinical Studio allows even novice users to create complex case report forms that are accessible from 98% of the smart phones and tablets in the world via the free Clinical Studio app downloaded from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. By utilizing this ultra-modern technology, clinical research professionals can conduct far more efficient studies resulting in significant cost savings and greatly reduced study duration. This mobile strategy, along with many dimensions of accessibility and efficiency of Clinical Studio, is garnering attention by leaders and top data managers in the clinical research industry.

The value and foresight of these mobile apps and strategy crystallized in September of 2015 when Clinical Studio won the annual Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) NextGen Technology Innovation Award (TIA), presented as part of SCDM’s 2015 annual conference in Washington, D.C. The SCDM Award recognizes breakthrough innovations that use advanced technologies or processes and provide real-life application for use in clinical research.

Clinical Studio empowers clinical professionals with sophisticated yet affordable and accessible EDC functionality. The recent NextGen Technology Innovation Award, combined with the company’s growing communications campaign, is also stimulating increasing momentum and interest with Clinical Studio’s growing list of customers as well as prospects. The use of mobile strategy and implementation in EDC is “an idea that has reached its time” and is a reality with Clinical Studio.

Andrew Sizelove, President of Crucial, commented about the industry’s affirmation of the EDC system’s mobile apps and strategy: “Most senior-level EDC managers are recognizing that it is not just about basic data capture and management anymore. The industry has found robust solutions for the basics. The challenge now is real-time capture, increased accuracy, more efficient access and use, and capability in populating databases and reconfiguring their uses. With our mobile apps and strategic expertise, major prospects and customers are realizing that Clinical Studio offers the complete solution, and with highly competitive cost-savings, I might add.”

Paul Grady, CEO of Crucial, commented about winning the Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) NextGen Technology Innovation (TIA) Award: “The potential reduction in Clinical Research costs can be as high as 80%, while getting your product to market in half the time. Companies who adopt this technology will not only be more competitive, but will also provide society a great service, as healthcare will become more available to those who need it most. We all have the right to be healthy and this type of technology gets us closer to the goal of providing healthcare for all. This technology is the future. The only question for companies is: Do you want to integrate this technology proactively or wait for your competition and then implement it reactively?”

Mr. Grady also noted: “Clinical Studio is the only product that is conducting 100% paperless studies. These studies capture all data at its source, eliminating a very time consuming and extremely expensive process known as Source Document Verification. In addition, when anomalies show up in the data, the system delivers communications via push notification technology to data managers and other clinical professionals. This is the future of clinical research and it is available today.”

About Clinical Studio:

A proven product and company of Crucial Life Sciences Data Solutions, Clinical Studio fully supports all phases of clinical research studies. The platform also represents a new paradigm in access to electronic data capture and management. Its cloud-based, software-as-a-service format enables users to access the system tools and functionality quickly and on a monthly subscription basis. Offering both instructional-only and commercial use of the software, Clinical Studio is dedicated to increasing quality, reducing costs, and increasing EDC usage for sponsors, CROs, academic institutions, independent investigators, and more. The company openly posts its price schedule for direct, web-based purchase of the Clinical Studio software. Moreover, free evaluative and/or small pilot study subscriptions, plus free training opportunities throughout the process, empower data managers to hone their skills continually and directly influence the clinical research strategy and implementation.
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