Clinical Studio for Pre-Clinical Labs

Clinical Studio is an amazing tool for Pre-Clinical or Animal labs. Many of the features built into Clinical Studio are there for the purpose of conducting animal studies. For example, if you receive a batch of 50 mice, they can be put into the system in just a few seconds. We call that batch enrollment. Because of the intricacies of conducting animal studies, it has become more important to use a system that was built around the workflow of a Pre-Clinical Lab. I will explain some of the more popular features offered by Clinical Studio. Remember, Clinical Studio only costs $499/month. For that you get the entire system (including everything I talk about here) and you are free to create and host as many studies as you need. In addition, you can track non-study related items such as animal care and inventory.

The Clinical Studio mobile app supports 17 different barcode formats. Most animal suppliers will barcode the animal. In fact, some animals can have a code stamped right on them. Bar codes can be attached to the cage of the animal and go wherever the animal goes. To access the animal record, take out your iPhone or iPad (soon any Android device) and scan the code. Clinical Studio will go immediately to the animal’s record in the relevant study to which the animal belongs. For the daily checkup, this will bring up the electronic version of the daily checkup form. If an Adverse Event occurs, the electronic version of that form can be completed on the spot. Never again mix up animals and eliminate Daily Checkup and Adverse Event paper forms. Impress both FDA and USDA auditors with the level of organization that Clinical Studio provides.

Using a naming convention when creating lab forms (such as blood or urine), Clinical Studio can be configured to read the electronic version of the lab report and import the lab data directly into the case report form without any human intervention. This allows you to analyze more data and eliminates the cost of data entry as well as the errors of data entry. This can be setup to pull from the central (or local) lab or have the lab push the data straight to Clinical Studio.

Clinical Studio can operate on the USDA calendar year. It can be configured to create Animal IDs that are based on the USDA calendar year. You can configure any type of animal ID and keep your current Animal ID convention. In addition, Clinical Studio is GCP and GLP compliant. If that is not enough it is also Part 11 compliant. In fact, you can conduct human and animal trials in the same system with Clinical Studio. Those trials can be single site, multi-site or both.

Animal care is of great importance to Pre-Clinical labs. Keeping highly detailed, meticulous animal care records for each animal that is received by the lab is very important. With Clinical Studio you can create the most detailed animal care forms and track animal care data for each animal from quarantine to study completion. Having those animal care records readily available and attached to the animal (through barcode or Animal ID) allows pre-clinical labs to instantly demonstrate their level of animal care.

Clinical Studio allows you to create roles and assign those roles access rights within the system. That means that Pre-Clinical labs can allow their sponsors limited access to their studies to monitor progress. The sponsors love this feature and are more likely to return for subsequent studies, both animal and human.

Studies can be conducted completely on the Clinical Studio mobile app, which is downloadable at the Apple Store and soon Google Play. That means all data can be captured point of care in real time. This eliminates all paper within a study. Imagine a paperless study where the closeout documents are on a flash drive in the form of printable PDF documents! Completing CRFs on the Clinical Studio mobile app is easier than paper or a browser based version of the CRF. With the shift from browser to mobile app, be ahead of the curve and eliminate paper.

There are many more features that are available. Clinical Studio is a full featured system that puts you in complete control of all your studies. If you can use Microsoft WORD, then you can create and manage your own studies. We will train you for free at your convenience and always be there to instantly provide an answer to any questions you may have, 24-7-365.

I encourage you to sign up for the Clinical Studio Demonstration. It only takes about an hour. Once you see what Clinical Studio can do for your animal lab, we are confident that you will sign up for the free 60-day trial version of the system, take the free training and be conducting 100% electronic studies in a few short weeks.