What’s Next in Technology?

I often get this question: What is next in technology for CLSDS? Generally the folks that ask that question are very tech savvy. In this world, to succeed you almost have to be tech savvy. So what is next?

We are working with several Investigators on completely paperless studies that eliminate the very expensive process known as Source Document Verification. These investigators are dedicated to their patients and understand that by utilizing cutting edge technology, that they are able to conduct their research for a fraction the price. Ultimately, they are making healthcare more available to the people that need it most by pioneering this new technology.

Perhaps our most promising project, combines the technology of a wearable, mobile device with the need to track activity metrics within patients. We are working on an algorithm that tracks subject activity. Activities supported are things like an indoor walk/run, outdoor walk/run, climbing, elliptical and a variety of other exercises. As subjects start and eventually complete these activities, within a time frame, the technology actually converts the results into a numerical metric. That metric can be captured pre-treatment as well as post treatment at varying intervals. This is the next step in true Electronic Patient Reports Outcomes (ePRO). The really cool thing about this technology is the data is unbiased, it is measured by a device that is consistent and through standard exercises that are consistent. This allows us to truly gauge how a patient is progressing!

One of our largest points of emphasis is the ability to track patients, long-term, in all medical specialties. This has always been a tremendous challenge. Device companies are now required to track their medical devices after implant. Luckily, Clinical Studio already has the technology to reliably track these patients. When a patient downloads our ePRO mobile app, the app tracks the mobile device of the subject. Then, companies can setup intervals when the patient can complete an eDiary. These eDiaries can be forms that contain very few fields and are simple to complete. These  fields can measure overall QOL, overall pain and overall satisfaction, among almost anything else imaginable. When the form is completed (the app will remind the subject to complete the simple form), two things happen. First, we know the subject is still active and we receive some very important long term follow up data. Second, the subject knows that the physician is still active and cares enough to track the patient. We believe that 95% of the subjects in the USA already have a mobile phone that can download our existing app. So this technology is available today. We are working with companies to implement long term follow up plans to solve the “Lost To Follow Up” issue.

As a technology company, not a CRO, we are dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of new technology. Many of the other Data Collection companies (perhaps most) also provide CRO services. They, simply put, do not focus on using technology to reduce the cost of a  trial and improve the overall process. They tend to invest their money in million dollar booths, 5-star hotels and many other areas that have nothing to do with medical research! We may not take you to five star restaurants, but adopting and learning how to use Clinical Studio, using our free instructor training, will not only add to your personal value, but give you the satisfaction of making a real difference!