Crucial Life Sciences Data Solutions, Inc. Announces the release of Clinical Studio 3.0

In an unprecedented move within the clinical research industry, Crucial Life Sciences Data Solutions, Inc. (CLSDS) has announced the release of Clinical Studio Version 3.0. This is a complete on demand system that allows users to register and use the system for free. When their study goes live to multiple sites, they can update to a premium version. All payments are electronic, all functionality including study building tools, study deployment tools, education and support are on-demand. CLSDS has published extremely competitive prices on the main Clinical Studio website, another unprecedented move in the clinical research industry.

Cody Wilke, Director of Product Management, announced Clinical Studio’s technology as something the industry has never seen, but has needed for a long time. “Clinical Studio utilizes technology that will change our industry. The days of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for eClinical technology are over for those companies and individuals who take advantage of this technology. Academia, Pre-Clinical and IIT can now utilize a data capture tool that is the industry’s most advanced because we have brought the prices down to a level that they can easily afford. Imagine a pre-clinical lab paying less then $1,000 per month and running dozens of studies simultaneously around the world. We remain committed to bringing down the cost of clinical research and, as a result, healthcare in general.” Mr. Wilke went on to say, “Those savings are there for the larger Phase III studies as well. Clinical Studio has been the sole tool used in conducting some of the largest, most complex Oncology studies in the industry. The studies were entirely built and deployed by a Clinical Research Organization that quickly became experts in Clinical Studio. Hundreds of hours were saved and costs were lowered exponentially enough that researchers and data managers could reach their objective more efficiently. What that ultimately meant to them was the ability to push further in their research. By creating time and cost efficiency in research, Clinical Studio is accomplishing what it was built for, and its only getting better.”

Clinical Studio is turning more than a few heads. Currently the system is available in multiple languages and is quickly becoming the standard data capture tool in Brazil and other South American countries. The system is available entirely in Brazilian Portuguese and will soon be released in Spanish as well.