Our Passion to Advance Research

It’s been a productive year so far for our Clinical Studio Team here at Crucial. We have worked tirelessly to release our latest major version update. We are happy to announce that Clinical Studio 3.0 is two months into being a live service for studies around the world. In the past two years of Clinical Studio’s initial versions serving as test-beds to several live studies around the world, the system has undergone changes and refinement beyond what we had imagined at this point on the road. We will continue making Clinical Studio better every day, because it is what we are passionate about. Our time and energy goes toward the goal of helping research professionals conduct their studies and advance the world we live in. Clinical Studio 3.0 is at a point in its evolution that has taken it far beyond the other services most popular among research host organizations. It is now our job to spread the knowledge of this highly advanced and dependable tool, and we are dependent on your help to accomplish that. Our ultimate dream is that this will be the tool driving the research, which will indefinitely continue to change our world.

Our main objective at the time is to reach a global market, free of barriers. We don’t want the best tool for study data management and sharing to be unavailable to any study in any location.  Consequently, we needed a universally translatable system. We were able to build an integrated translation engine which will provide Clinical Studio to research organizations in several countries with at least 90% accuracy. The remaining translation gap will be filled by contracted translators native to each country and experienced in study operations.

In regard to the operation of Clinical Studio, we are focused primarily on our clients and how this system can make studies unbound by the challenge of data management and allow the researchers to focus more on their study objective. We are certain Clinical Studio will provide that type of environment, but we will never settle for the status quo. Constant improvement tailored to our clients’ needs is of utmost importance to our team. Thus, we have created a robust help site that covers every detailed aspect of Clinical Studio. Even if it’s your first time collecting data for a study or designing a study tailored from the ground up, the help site will step you through it effortlessly.

In addition to the help site, Clinical Studio has its own forum. With studies being conducted world-wide, its exciting for us to think about how much we can learn from one another via communication through an online forum. Our support personnel monitor the forum around the clock because we care that much about how Clinical Studio is helping a particular study, or what features might be lacking. With Clinical Studio, not only can research be conducted absent of geographical barriers, but researchers and data managers can also use the forum to communicate among themselves about the system, or with the Clinical Studio Team to share their latest experiences.

Together with your research studies, we are limitless. Lets change the world, doing what we do best. Lets spend our time gathering the data we need, rather than spending so much time trying to manage that data and work around error-prone processes that exist in the current popular platforms. Clinical Studio is standing by ready to help you accomplish your research in the most efficient and accurate way possible.