eCommerce and Clinical Research

UPDATED: This post was updated for 2018 to reflect new information and more examples. Enjoy!

Clinical Studio has been used to conduct large, high profile, phase III clinical studies for years now. Here at Crucial Data Solutions, we don’t complete study builds; instead, thousands of CRFs have been built by our clients. These forms range from the ultra-simple to extremely complex.

We don’t have to support the infrastructure of many of the eClinical companies. We don’t pretend to be a CRO, and we certainly are not a biotech manufacturing company or sponsor. Plain and simple, we’re a technology company that focuses on providing clinical researchers with tools that allow them to do what they do best. We strongly believe clinical professionals and technologists shouldn’t be one and the same, and when empowered with the right technology tools, clinical research teams are able to work more efficiently than ever. The clinical professionals that build their own studies with Clinical Studio get it right the first time. If a change is required, it takes minutes, not weeks. It costs nothing, not thousands of dollars.

eCommerce, which is defined as “the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet” is the perfect model for clinical research. Simply register, build your study, upgrade (at about a penny on the dollar in Clinical Studio compared with traditional eClinical) and you’re ready to go. An entire website is dedicated to education. That includes interactive videos and context-sensitive help pages. Support is free; Clinical Studio was designed with the end user in mind. Learning the system is very easy.

Our pricing, which we publish on our site, has been set up for anybody who wants to run a study. Imagine a pre-clinical lab with 10 employees running 25 studies or more for a total cost of < $700 per month. Those studies can comply with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines, EMEA Annex 11, HIPAA, Safe Harbor, and HiTrust. The data will satisfy the FDA, USDA or any other governing agency.

If you’re an investigator, you can use this system to build your own studies. You can do this and run dozens of studies for less than $200/month. The same goes for academia. All the data you capture can be placed in a SAS or SPSS data set in one mouse click!

No longer is eClinical a tool for giant, well-funded companies only. Any company or individual can now afford eClinical technology. They can receive the tools on-demand as part of the eCommerce model. Finally!